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History of NEOLUX

A brand with almost 100 years of history



S.A. Lumière from Goldau, Switzerland built a factory in Molsheim, France: La Lampe NEOLUX S.à.r.l. with 120 employees and an annual production of 800,000 light bulbs.

Picture dated 1937



First trademark protection on January 5, 1925 in France.


1930's and 1940's

During the 1930's and 1940's the company Interlux owned the majority of the company shares. At the same time OSRAM gradually increased its shares in the company.

Picture dated 1948



OSRAM Germany and NEOLUX signed an agreement to enter into a strategic partnership.

Picture dated ca.1951



NEOLUX started to sell OSRAM products in France under the brand NEOLUX.

Pictures dated in the 1950's



NEOLUX Molsheim was renamed OSRAM S.à.r.l. NEOLUX is part of the brand portfolio ever since.

Picture dated in the 1960's



NEOLUX was launched as a brand for automotive lighting.

Catalogue 2011



NEOLUX was launched as a brand for entertainment lighting.